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05 November 2011 @ 08:33 pm
New booty  
Originally posted by prof_steampunk at New booty
Our favorite Steampunk Airship Salvage Facility has been closed for a while except by appointment--they've been out scavenging the countryside for new items to tempt me with. They opened this week for five days, and I and Shadowsmith (Lady Artamiss' personal bodyguard and airship ninja)dropped in for a long overdue fix. And found some good booty. Only camera photos I have are off a pair of leg armor pieces which belonged to some guy named Rawlings. Shadowsmith decided he needed lower leg armor for some of his clandestine missions, so he sold himself into indentured servitude to me for a couple of weeks. Here is the original, after he got rid of all the Rawlings signatures:

and after he tribalized it: