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24 January 2012 @ 10:56 pm
Clockwork Con in Austin  
Lady Art'amiss and I had a wonderful time at Clockwork Con in Austin this weekend. We had a table at the Gadgeteer's Festival alongside some of the coolest steampunk modders out there. I was able to premiere my new Steampunk Camera:

Thanks to Rob Cochrum for the photo

And a pic of super-cool steampunk modder Steve Liptak shot from my camera:

We also did a panel on "Victorian/post apocalyptic mods" with the folks from Airship Octavia XIII--Cozmo Osric Galloway, his wife Merri, and crew members. It went wonderfully!

While my stuff is mostly static, Octavia's crew modeled a bunch of their creations and did a heck of a good job. Hope we get a chance to panel up with them again soon--maybe at Aetherfest in San Antonio in May.