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dfw_steampunk's Journal

A North Texas Steampunk Community
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This community was started on the basis that there are a lot of people doing steampunk in North Texas, but there doesn't seem to be any cohesive activities centered around it. Here we hope to build a community of people in North Texas who are into the culture and who are into not only hanging out in cyber-space but at actual gatherings as well!

What we'd like to see here are postings of 'main stream' events that lend themselves to steampunk culture in or around Texas (like the Ravenwood Festival in Arkansas), conventions and such. Then add to that meetups of our own as in movie outings, parties, picnics, or photo shoots - events where we can hang out, dress the part, and enjoy the company of others doing the same!

It would also be a great addition if we could have a list of local shops that sell steampunk related items as well as local artisans post their work here, and perhaps even workshops on modding gear, sewing clothing, making jewelry or just plain exploring the culture.

There are enough local people into the scene - we just need to pull it all together and make something of it!

1) Stay on topic - try to relate to the North Texas and surrounding areas in some way or another
2) While we appreciate steampunk fashion as much as the next, there are already communities for posting links to related sites and discussing fashion tips such as steamfashion and steamy_stitches. So, unless it has to do with being in North Texas (as in you live here and you made it, you live here and you're wearing it, or you bought it here) we ask that you please post to those communities. We watch them as well so we won't miss your post!
3) No trolling - this community on LJ was created specifically to foster the steampunk community in North Texas. Please help us in doing this!